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No information shall be collected at the Rutland Specialist Clinic without patients’ written or implied consent.

Information will be collected in a manner that ensures protection of privacy and confidentiality.

Please advise us if your details alter so that our information is accurate and up to date.

No information that identifies the patient will be released to third parties without consent.

There may be circumstances where the doctor will be obliged to release details of a patient’s personal health information without their express consent- this may be the case if the situation was an extreme emergency, or if legally compelled to do so.

Rutland Specialist Clinic operates a fully computerised medical records system. All doctors and employees have individual passwords to allow access. Information is backed up daily and passwords changed regularly.

When patients move to another medical practice, we will support the continuity of care by preparing a relevant summary of your medical records. When we receive a form signed by you authorising the transfer of medical information, we will send this summary to your new GP.

A fee will be charged if a printout of your complete medical record is required – this will reflect the time taken to prepare such a document. There is no medicare rebate available for this service.

It is the policy of the Rutland Specialist Clinic at this time to retain all medical records – no records are destroyed.

If there are concerns regarding information collected at the Rutland Specialist Clinic and how it is used please discuss the issues with our doctors.