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Enforced by WorkSafe Australia, if you have been seriously injured at work you could be entitled to a payout. This will require you to lodge a WorkCover claim and once accepted, you will receive benefits in the form of compensation for medical expenses and loss of income. 

At Rutland Specialist Clinic, we offer consultations for most patients with TAC and WorkCover claims. Before booking an appointment to assess your medical condition and discuss your options, please reach out to our receptionist to find out what we can do for you. Give us a ring at (03) 91339977 or send an email to admin@rutlandspecialist.com.au and our office administrator will get back to you regarding your claim.    

Our services don’t stop at WorkCover, book a neurological consultation or botox injections

Whichever service you’re after, at Rutland Specialist Clinic you will receive excellent service, professional consultations and reduced wait times. We offer a range of neurological services, provided by our in-house neurological specialist, Dr Cynthia Chen. Graduating from University of Melbourne, Dr Chen has 20 years of expertise working in neurology under her belt. With experience servicing patients in both Hong Kong and Australia, she is a highly qualified general neurologist.

Dr Chen specialises in headaches and migraines, epilepsy, Parkinsonism, dementia and strokes. She also has experience performing Botox injections to manage the pain experienced from chronic migraines. 

Visit our office closest to you

With offices in Glen Waverley, Box Hill and Lilydale we aim to provide the greater Melbourne area with exceptional quality care and a comprehensive approach to medical best practises by providing patients with the best minds in Neurology.

Feel confident you are receiving the best quality care and treatment at Rutland Specialist Clinic. Keeping your best interest in mind, after your visit we will work with you to develop a concrete plan using evidence based medicine to diagnose and treat your neurological condition or disorder.  We work closely with other health care professionals, including your family doctor to ensure we have the clearest possible picture of your health history.