Preparing for Your Appointment and Potential Fees at Rutland Specialist Neurologist Clinic

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Servicing patients in the greater Melbourne area, including Yarra Valley and Box Hill, Rutland Specialist Clinic is one of Melbourne’s leading neurology clinics. Heading the clinic, Dr Cynthia Chen has years of experience consulting and treating patients with a range of neurological conditions and disorders.

Visit our clinic today. For more information regarding fees, payment and appointment preparation read the answers to our frequently asked questions below. 

FAQs regarding payment and fees at Rutland Specialist Clinic

Is Medicare accepted?

We are not a bulk billing clinic. However, the majority of consultations at Rutland Specialist Clinic attract a Medicare rebate. We can arrange your reimbursement on the spot if you have a bank account registered with Medicare. Alternatively, you can claim a medicare rebate online, by mail or at a service centre. For more information on how to claim your rebate, visit the Australian government’s medicare claims page.

Is a referral from my doctor or general practitioner required?

Yes, a referral is almost always compulsory before booking your appointment with an in-house neurologist at Rutland Specialist Clinic. All forms required for doctor referral and patient registration can be found on our website. Your doctor can submit an online referral at no charge and a patient registration referral form is also available online via our website. 

Please be sure you have completed all paperwork before booking an appointment with us. Missing or incorrect paperwork could result in delays on your appointment and the potential need to reschedule.

 If you have any questions on what is required before booking, please give our office a call at (03) 91339977 or send us an email at and someone will get in touch with you shortly regarding your enquiry.

What is the cost of my medical consultation or treatment?

The fees for each consultation depend on the duration, complexity and procedures related to the assessment and treatment. Fees are applied for WorkCover consultations as per the schedule until claim numbers are approved and evidence of the same is provided to the practice.

Please enquire about the cost of consultations at the time of making your appointment.

What payments are accepted?

Payment can be made by cash, credit or debit (EFTPOS) card.